The Mediarts Collaborative

Research, Education, Advocacy

Central Question Concern: In what ways does creativity and the performing arts contribute to the evolution of all humanity?

Working with both local and national arts organizations, these collaborators utilize the performing arts as vehicles of transformation, beauty, and creative expression to transform, heal, and re-imagine a better world in service to all that is greater than ourselves.

We have two emerging projects in our MediArts Collaborative; 1. We will begin offering Glocal Writing Workshops to teach people how to write about the local and global importance of their journey or their family’s journey in global and local evolution. We need to sharpen our pencils so we can see the stories of our ancestors’ glory and take them further instead of having to repeat them. Stay tuned for upcoming Glocal Writing Workshops.

2. Developing an International traveling exhibit, in partnership with the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Arts – Captured Africans: The Resiliency of the Diaspora. This exhibit will incorporate the techno-primal tools of today with tactile remnants from the Cape Coast Castles of Ghana and begin touring in 2025.