The Buffalo Collaborative

Central Question/Concern:  I too live in  town with a west side and an east side, train tracks serving as a dividing line.  The west side of town having liquor stores but no grocery stores selling fresh produce.  Black churches where people who no longer live in the community return each Sunday to reconnect to a sense of cultural, social, and emotional community, where thoughts of safety lurk behind the eyes of the parishioners who do think of the shooting that occurred in South Carolina.


Can the people of Buffalo benefit from non-traditional approaches to mental health and wellness such as evidenced based mind-body medicine skills, especially ones that involve creativity, movement, drawing, visual arts, creative writing and draw upon the rich social-cultural history and fabric of the African American community to heal from this racially motivated hate crime?  Can other African American communities where these and similar events have occurred benefit?


What would happen in the community of Buffalo  or similar communities if concepts from lifestyle medicine were introduced and education regarding food, movement, social relationships, smoking cessation…..were introduced and studied with the idea of returning a sense of agency and ownership to the people living in those communities?

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